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SkyHook Rescue Systems, Inc. provides high quality, lightweight, durable, manpower efficient lifting and lowering rope manual and power winch systems. We offer AC & DC electric power winch systems to the military, public service, industrial Haz-Mat industry, aviation, entertainment, and amusement providers. All of our winches and accessories were developed out of operators’ need to raise and lower the personnel required to do the job. Our manpower efficient products are a benefit in these terrible economic times, the SkyHook winch system lowers the need for large work parties or rescue teams and makes them more efficient  and cost effective.

Our portable, lightweight manual and electric rope winches are designed for rescue, tactical, military, Haz-Mat, fire and public service rescues, industrial safety operations, telecommunication, and telescope services. The SkyHook winch has been used in entertainment featuring Cirque Du Soleil and amusement park operations for over 15 years. Our manual winches are supported by our electric 110 AC volt and 28 DC volt battery motor systems. Manual rope rescue and SkyHook winches are utilized for the manual & powered single and manual only double handle winch systems applications. Skyhook offers accessory products for the winch that will support a variety of needs. All of our winches come with a universal channel tripod mount system. Other SkyHook accessories include the Reece Trailer Hitchtype mounting system - for vehicle operations, webbing strap, tree ratchet system, universal anchor plate, off road foundation and systems for Haz-Mat operations, using a continuous rope loop in custom fabrication and design for the unique operations.