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Terry Ascherin
Founder of SkyHook Rescue Systems, Inc.

Terry Ascherin is a retired Deputy Sheriff Paramedic, serving for 35 years on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, assigned to the Emergency Services Detail for 30 years. Terry provided air, land and sea rescue to Los Angeles County which services 5800 square miles of the most populated metropolitan area in the United States. The ESD handles over 600 rescue victims and 200+ Special Weapon Team responses yearly. His duties consisted of underwater search and recovery, swift water and mountain rescue, VIP protection and Special Weapons Team activations including hostage rescue incidents. Terry was the senior member of the ESD, recording over 30 years of rescue experience with a total of 35 years of service as a Deputy Sheriff.

Terry obtained his teaching credentials in 1992 and held positions on several county and state rescue committees. Terry also initiated a water rescue and safety class for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy teaching over 1800 deputies over an 8 year period. This class was also given POST Certification (Peace Officer Standards and Training).

Terry Ascherin started SkyHook Rescue Systems in 1994, a design and manufacturing company producing helicopter and swift water rescue extraction equipment. SkyHook incorporated in 1997, providing emergency equipment to industrial plants, amusement parks, Las Vegas shows, oil exploration & recovery companies, the hazardous material industry and Confined Space for Fire Rescue Responders.

In 1999, Breeze-Eastern, the nation's leading helicopter hoist manufacturer, acquired the SkyHook Manual Rope Rescue Hoist System and hired Terry as a consultant to assist with customer support and provide input to the newly acquired back-up hoist system. Terry provides Breeze-Eastern customers field maintenance training along with input in hoist inspections and rescue hoist operations.

Terry has presented helicopter safety and over water recovery lectures and seminars to airborne law enforcement, fire, military and civilian operators around the world.

Terry retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on March 2004. Since that time Terry has divided his time in the helicopter industry between consulting for Breeze-Eastern and running his company, SkyHook Rescue Systems, Inc.